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Forest House Education Centre

9 Forest Lane, Kingsley Green, Harper Lane, Radlett, Hertfordshire WD7 9HQ
Tel: 01923 633241      Fax: 01923 859309
Please direct any general enquiries to the Centre's administrator, either by phone or by emailing:

Teacher In Charge: Mr H Bucknell         Managed by St Luke's School, Redbourn
Head Teacher: Mr Stephen Hoult-Allen

Our Students' Work

Due to the need for us to safeguard the confidentiality and identities of our students, it is sometimes hard for us to 'showcase' their work. This can be frustrating, because in addition to the excellent academic work undertaken within the Centre, our students produce wonderful artwork, music, theatre, film and ceramics.

When time permits (for the 'curating' process), this page will be developed as a portal whereby the work we can bring to public attention is given a platform.

In the meantime, we hope this whets your appetite...